Located steps away from Baan Yamu Residences, Lay Yamu Seafood is a new local restaurant opened in late 2015 by its chef and owner, Khun Chatchadaporn Kajkar (nickname: Tai meaning rabbit).

The atmosphere at her restaurant right on the edge of the waters of Sapam Bay, Phuket is casual and informal and for now only serves a limited number of tables. The views are wide and expansive.

Khun Tai’s cooking philosophy is to use fresh and seasonal ingredients as much as possible such as these “Andaman green caviar” (a local seaweed) which she keeps alive for use in Thai salads or to accompany seafood.

She is a native to Phuket and started her career working in local kitchens learning both Thai and Western cooking and fell in love with the trade. Eventually she worked at famed Baan Rim Pa’s Joe’s Downstairs before spending a long 7 year stint at the Amanpuri.

Only recently has she returned to found Lay Yamu Seafood on land that has been in her family’s possession for generations.

We wish her much success but judging by the taste and quality of the dishes on offer, we have no doubt it will become a local favourite.